About This Mama'Bear

Hello! I'm Janelle ‘Lady J’ and thank you sew much for popping on by taking a view to learn more about me. Honored to have you here on my site.

I'm a Mom of 2, Coffee Lover, Creative Genius, Maxi Dress Addict, Online Serial Entrepreneur... I craft and I sew, and I'm 100% vegan (since 2012, team NO MEAT!).

I created House of Lady J in 2016 as a way of sharing my creativity. I am a lover of sewing and crafting and I love getting lost in my creations. This all started due to my eldest daughter born in with Achondroplasia Dwarfism, and due to the lack of clothing in stores for little people suffering from Dwarfism as well. You'll find clothes in the stores for the big and tall but absolutely nothing for the little and small.

In 2012 I began taking sewing classes locally in GA to learn how to sew clothing for her. I was gifted a sewing machine from my Aunt Angela and thus, where my journey began, and I've been making apparel pieces ever since. My daughter is now a teen and she hates for me to still sew for her. She rather wear the latest fashion sold in stores, regardless if clothes in stores fit her or not. Now I no longer sew for her and I refuse to let all of my education and skills go to waste, so I sew for myself currently, and you'll find much of my latest fashion styles posted on my blog.

Here at House of Lady J Boutique store you'll find one-of-a-kind trendy couture pieces handmade by me. I name all of my clothing after my aunts because they've all played a huge role in my life by raising me from Jamaica. I've lived in each and every-one of their homes. They took me in as if I was their own biological child and they've all treated me equal to their kids (my cousins). When my cousins all got ass whooping and put on punishment, then I got one too. Yes, we were all treated the same. I will forever cherish the memories growing up with my aunts and have mad respect for them all. Like I said, they've all played a huge role in my life not only raising me, but mentoring me, and guiding me in the right direction too.

Each of my aunts all carry their own sense of style. My collection consist of: Angela Maxi Dress, Astra African Prints, Rose Circle Skirts, Marie Two Piece, and Betty Dresses & Pants. I also create cute things  for Mommy & Me matching inspiring moms & daughters to bond through fashion. You will also find coffee mugs here too that I personally designed all myself, jewelry, handbagsT-shirts, mask, and my latest which is handcrafted throw pillows, + more I designed myself. My primary focus is creating a collection for moms and daughters (girls between the ages 6-12), and fun classy Weekend Wear style garments because with women I do know when we dress good, we look good, and we feel good🔥.

All items posted on my site handmade by me: Pillows, Designer Coffee Mugs, Face mask, T-shirts, Weekend fashion wear, plus more... and yes, I am the model in the fashion weekend wear too. *Smile*

I hope you stick around with me and I hope to inspire you to grab something special through my handmade work. You can join me on Instagram and Facebook.


From my House to Yours! House Of Lady J - Boutique