Weekend Wear or Run Your Errands in THIS Looking SWAGGGG🔥

Weekend Wear or Run Your Errands in THIS Looking SWAGGGG🔥

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Hello.. hello!!! WELCOME AUGUST in STYLE.🔥 I have added another Zorah Top to our collection of New Arrivals here for us. Remember the first Zorah top I made? I had a great response to my first Zorah top I sewn using Yellow/Mint colors in creating color block styles and many people wanted to order it. Unfortunately those particular fabrics are no longer in stock, meaning the fabric is now discontinued.


But that's ok! Mama'bear still got yo' back! This time we cooked up two more versions for yah, using Blue / Green polka dots as well as using Fuchsia / Blue polka dots fabric to create another version of the most loved design by many, Zorah Spring / Summer Season Top is 100% handmade in the USA by Janelle

For our new Zorah tops I paired it with Capri style Denim Jeggings I purchased earlier this year from Walmart and finished of with Pearl Accessories to bring out the white dots in the blouse. Remember, do not wear matchy matchy jewelry, we are not clowns to be doing all that matching in colors. When you wear solid jewelry (like solid gold, solid silver, or solid pearl jewelry) then you'll bring out the classy'ness of your look.

Elegance at it's finest... YESSS!!

I made myself a size Medium and used ITY Knit (stretchy) fabric. This Zorah pattern is designed by my beautiful sewing BFF and Mentor Janine of; Enina-J.com if you'd like to grab the pattern yourself and sew it yourself, then you can find her patterns here.

See both versions below of my sewn up Zorah tops and let me know watcha think by leaving me a comment.


If you had to choose which version would you pick?

1) Blue / Green Color Block?

2) Fuchsia / Blue Color Block?

Leave me a comment below because I'm looking forward to your feedback. 


xo Lady J ox

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