This is NOT For Babies (Anymore)

This is NOT For Babies (Anymore)

Howdy Ladies and Gents. Mamas and Papas. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I woke up to a house empty with no bear cubs and no papa bear. My two daughters were spending the night over their cousin house and my hubby was at work, early.

Once I awaken, made myself some coffee. While it's brewing got myself together. Started to stretch on the floor, meditate, and then I read for 30 minutes afterwards.

Sips on coffee while reading my book and overlooking the beautiful hot ass sunny sky today, at 93° here in Atlanta, GA, until I was done drinking and just being grateful for all that I have and how far I have come. Even with the roadblocks in the way, still grateful for it.

Fast forward one hour later...

Hopped on my sewing machine and whipped up a quick Peplum Top 

Making Peplum tops have been one of my all time favorite piece of garment this 2018 year. I've made several of them with variety of fabrics as well as pairing the tops with matching bottoms, like as in a matching two piece set.

It's just so SWAG 😊

Took me 2 hours to sew and so I decided to sew myself a peplum top.

I am also in the process of making these for a small business boutique store. Why not make myself one to wear and rock too, right?


This top is so sweet and today I decided to rock it with a pair of white jeggings. I purchased my jeggings from Walmart earlier this year.

As you can see this type of fashion is not for babies anymore. Previously known as Baby Doll top mostly worn by kids. No sir! Mama's can rock this beauty too. Soft and comfy and definitely can be worn at many different occasions.

I call this one my Summer Girl Polka Dots Peplum Top and you can totally dress it up with pearl necklace and white heels. Or dress it down like I did with comfy pants and sandals.

Absolutely love my Summer Girl Peplum Top and super happy I made it quickly for myself. Yaay! Made with Jersey Knit light weight fabric in color Coral. Very soft against my skin. Flows so elegantly. 100% hand-made right from my dearly beloved sewing machine. haha. I am looking forward to having more of these styles in the community.

Do you wear Peplum tops too? Or you still think these tops are for kids?

-xo Janelle ox-

"Trendy Clothes and Fab Finds Only Your Mom Would Approve."


  • Aileen Adalid

    I am loving the print and style of this! I can’t believe that you made this yourself. If I have half your skill, I’ll be making my own stuff too!

  • Natalie

    If I could make my own clothes, I wouldn’t have to waste so much money on clothes anymore. I think this top is freaking adorable, but I don’t have the first clue about sewing. This would be a fun thing to learn with my teenager daughter.

  • Nadalie

    Seriously impressive, I’m loving this fabric. Congrats on building your boutique, one cute item at a time. It’s been ages since I sewed, but I still remember the pride of completing my first shirt.

  • Gemille Sleweon

    Wow! You’re so talented. That’s such a nice peplum top and it goes well with the white jeans. I always wanted to try making my own clothes, but i just can’t seem to get it right lol. Cute look!

  • Jenn

    This looks adorable! I’m so impressed you made it! I love this look on everyone else but find it just doesn’t fit my body well. I’ll keep trying, it’s too cute not to hope it will someday look good on me.

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