The Worlds FIRST Skirt Box Monthly Subscription

The Worlds FIRST Skirt Box Monthly Subscription


🔥 How BEAUTIFUL is that!! My Skirt Box by Vik in the mail arrived.


Sooooooo proud of my girl Vik VarWoo Owner/Creator of Skirt Box by Vik. It's a monthly subscription services where you will get a Skirt, T-shirt, and Belt monthly delivered to your mail box.

She hand-makes all your skirts monthly, straight from her sewing machine✂️✂️✂️

You will even get a personalized hanger too. WHOA! how cool is that?! I’m sooooo proud if Vik on how she’s truly being unique and perfectly craft her monthly subscription business.
A fabulous set you get  every single month delivered right to your mailbox. T-shirt, skirt, and belt. Here's my June 2018 complete Skirt Box outfit. This is BEAUTIFUL and I love it. 

I watched Vik take the time to launch this from start to finish. She always reached out to ask questions and always she took massive action to get it done. These are the type of friends I LOVE to roll with, the action taker(s).

Super huge shout-out to you girl and GOOD job Vik! I love it allll the way and I am a faithful / loyal subscriber 😊

I am looking forward to my next month Skirt box in the mail outfit and can't wait to see my next outfit.🎉 

Grab your Skirt Box by Vik too Mama'bear! Tell her Janelle sent yah.

Professional. Elegance. Classy.

-xo Janelle ox-

P.S. I was not compensated to write this post. These views are from my very own honest and authentic opinion.


  • Afnan

    I love the Idea, amazing and innovative. Can’t wait to see more images of different boxes!! Really impressed :)

  • Vik VarWoo

    Thank you, Queen Mama Bear!

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