Best Casual Style | Outfit of The Day | Semi Casual Dress | New Fashion 2020

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Best Casual Style | Outfit of The Day | Semi Casual Dress | New Fashion 2020

Hello my sweet visitor. Thanks for popping on by taking a view of my casual style outfit of the day. Those that know me knows that I love to sew, make, rock, and wear a very very good semi casual dress.

Now this week Mama'bear whipped up a beautiful Jazlyn Dress of which this pattern is designed by the best (and my favorite) seamstress / fashion designer out there Enina-J by Janine (which is her name spelled backwards. How COOL is that?!).

Jazlyn Dress pattern is super easy to sew and took me just two hours to complete. You can find the pattern here.

BIG SPECIAL THANK YOU to Janine for sharing her creativity with us, the world. I am forever honored to be a part of her fashion wear journey and proud to share that yes, I am a loyal shopper of her patterns carrying her styles here at store. Her styles are fun, chic, classy, and easy to sew for Mama'bear like me to whip up in no time--2 hours max!

🔥Once you grab your own Jazlyn Dress then I recommend you pair this Jazlyn Dress with Gold Accessories and Beige/Tan/Khaki heels like what you see in my pics. So you can Dress good. Look good. Feel good. SSWWAAGGG!💃🏼

My aunts (Angela & Betty) always thought me to not do all that "matchy matchy" stuff. Meaning if you're going to wear something that has a lot of prints, bold, and colors within the material then there is no need to wear and match jewelry and match shoes as well. And you know what.... My two aunts are right! No need to match jewelry and bracelets or earrings with multiple prints, instead you can rock prints with solid color jewelry and I recommend wearing Gold accessories with this type of print style. 

Just because there's yellow in the dress does not mean we need to wear yellow jewelry or yellow shoes. That is hideous and we are not clowns. Instead, rock solid Gold jewelry to complement the printed style in the material. 

Don't you agree? See how classy it looks and feels? You'll be center of attention looking like a million bucks that you are!!

I used ITY knit fabric which is made of 95% Polyester / 5% Spandex. This drapes soooo soft and comfy against our skin. The quality is top notch and makes us ladies look and feel like luxury.  

I also added lining to the dress.

Well I LOVE the turn-out of my new dress, it's truly a grown women exclusive limited couture style in store. Once we're off lockdown I am looking forward to wearing my casual style Jazlyn Dress out on a date with the hubby. Yay!

Normally I make garments that we can wear to multiple events like out on a date with your loved one or wearing the same-thing to run errands. But ok, not this Jazlyn Dress. We cannot do that with this LOL. Semi casual style is made for day-time professional events / environments or yes, on that date with your special loved one.

My Jazlyn Dress runs small so recommend you size up. I am a medium in ready-to-wear garments at stores (in letters). So for "numbers" I would buy size 8-10.

Where would you personally wear this Jazlyn Dress out to? Networking Event? Date with loved one? Both? Please comment below, I would love to know!


xo Lady J ox

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