How This Started

My name is Janelle and I can NEVER EVER find "Janelle" on stuff in these streets. Like, no cups, no mugs, no keychains, no pillows, no necklaces, no bags... you name it, "Janelle" is not there.

If "Janelle" is there then it's spelled different. i.e: Janel, Janell, Genell. What?! "I WANT JANELLE PLEASE!"

Can you relate? Is this you too?Ā 


WELCOME to House of Lady J Boutique - PersonalizedĀ Creations & Custom Made Gifts

Dear my CoffeeĀ & Tea Lovers, Water Drinkers,

You have a weird unique first name and can never ever find your weird unique name on things and stuff when you're out and about shopping?

I know the feeling... ME TOO!

...and you know what, I dislike that

No worries,Ā Lady J to the rescue! I decided to do something about it... for us. *CHEESE*

You too can relate to my personal frustration with the lack of 'personalization' products out here in the market?

If so, then I got your back...way back! haha. Just joking. Chill please.

Let me put your weird unique first name on it.

I personalize gifts for you, your friend(s), your family members, your coworker, your colleague, or any special loved one surrounding your inner circle.

It's theĀ greatest feeling in the world when you can finally see a mug, cup, pillow, bag, keychain, or whatever FINALLY displaying your first name (on it)... right?

It will make you smile, literally. You will jump for joy like a kid in a candy shop.

...and what better way to also gift a personalized item(s) to someone you know "as a gift" making them smile too. Trust me, that person will forever cherish you and remember what you did and bought for them.

Or you may be feeling stuck on a gift giving idea for someone? Again, let's give them a personalized item. HOORAAY!

Because honestly, it's not like our name is common.

Here's what you do in 3 easy steps:

1) Browse my latest collection of personalized stuff and things I cooked up for you and I.

2) Take a view and see what you like. I personalize coffee/tea mugs, coasters, tumblerĀ cups, keychains, pillows, tote bags, & more. See what you like to gift away or for yourself?

3) Place your order, make sure your name or your associates name is spelled accurately and everything is correctly done. Then check out.

If you have a special request then contact me and I will work it out for you. If any particular item you see/like currently showing "sold out" or "out-of-stock" then be sure to sign up to be notified when products are back-in-stock.

Wholesale / bulk orders also available for small businesses, charity organization, or special events/occasions.

Thank you for visiting and getting to know a little bit "about us" on why we started with Customized Creations. I am looking forward to doing business with you and using my creativity to create something special for you.

Xo Lady J oX

All items on this website are Handmade in the USA by Janelle 'AKA' Lady J home-based in Augusta, GA. Including Apparel wear, designing and creating mugs, cups, pillows, face mask + more.