Candy Circles Skirt

Candy Circles Skirt

Ahhh.. She's BACK! 😜

Spent the weekend wrapping up a few Rose Candy Circles Skirts and now this is my absolute favorite piece made. yaay! 🎉

This is truly a fun piece to wear. Can be dressed up or dressed down. Wear it to work, party, or date-night with the loved one.

This is what I totally love about sewing. Creating styles that can be worn for any occasions. Take a view and let me know what yah think, ok?

If you were to grab this, share with me how would you rock your own Rose Candy Circles Skirt? Me, I would wear it to my work office at Anesta Ward Staffing Agency and of course on a date with the hubby😉


- xo Janelle ox-

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  • Aileen Adalid

    I adore the print on that skirt! It also looks so comfy and breezy even for a hot day.

  • Kita Bryant

    Oh my gosh girl this dress is so cute on you! I really wish this was something I could pull off!

  • Peter

    This skirt is beautiful. My ava would love this. Even better that you made this

  • Carol Cassara

    I can never make clothes if it saved my life! This is amazing and I love the pattern that you picked. I think it’s perfect for the season and you can definitely dress it up or down depending on what you prefer for the day!

  • chubskulit rose

    I saw your post on Instagram about this and I was like “I’m jealous!” I wish I could make such pretty skirt!

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